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*waves* My 1st post here!

Hi everyone! This community is a great idea:)
I just joined up the other day but only had time to do the challenge today cause RL has been bleh and busy. And it's still around drabble size - sorry about that, I may expand on it later.
~let me know what you all think!!~
I mostly write Buffy & Spike, by the way:)
La Petit Mort Buffy POV S6 Rated R for mature content and adult themes;-)
The darkness closes in on her like a death cloak.
It climbs up her spine and tingles all the way down to her fingertips. As her body arches up to meet his, her nails dig into his shoulder and draw blood. Hiss.
She can hear him echo in pleasure and pain.
And then she's spinning, free falling out of control. She feels hands touching her, and she can't tell who they belong to. She feels butterfly kisses on her collarbone, and they are frozen.
Then, darkness. Nothing. But pleasure and escape.
She can hear the thumping heart beats in surround sound, and she knows that it is her heart that is running a marathon because his is dead.
As she slowly comes to, he whispers softly in her ear.
"Bienvenue, mon cher. Did you enjoy la petit mort, the little death?"
Oh, god, his voice is enough to make her want to. . .
"Fancy another go, luv?"
"If this is what death feels like, then let's die a little more."
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