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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in Scarlett Tears' LiveJournal:

Saturday, December 6th, 2003
10:59 pm
New Challenge! Finally!
Okay, kiddies. Time for a new challenge. Sorry I forgot to post last week..

This week's first line challenge is

She could not accept that this had happened to her,

It comes from The Feast Of All Saints by Anne Rice, page 196. I randomly chose the book from the shelf, randomly opened it to that page, that line...So there it is. You can change the pronoun and/or the tense. Just...write something. have fun.
Monday, November 24th, 2003
11:35 pm
I'm Late, I'm Late...
I totaly forgot about sending out the challenge for this week...I've been trying to get things ready for Thanksgiving....

And since I'm two days late, I'll just challenge you all to write a holiday-centered fic. No mandatory first line. No word limit. The only requirrement is HOLIDAY. DOesn't even have to be Thanksgiving. Just...whatever comes to mind. Have at it, and have fun and I'll try to stay on top of the challenges...

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Thursday, November 20th, 2003
7:39 pm
*waves* My 1st post here!
Hi everyone! This community is a great idea:)
I just joined up the other day but only had time to do the challenge today cause RL has been bleh and busy. And it's still around drabble size - sorry about that, I may expand on it later.
~let me know what you all think!!~
I mostly write Buffy & Spike, by the way:)
La Petit Mort Buffy POV S6 Rated R for mature content and adult themes;-) Collapse )

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Saturday, November 15th, 2003
8:37 pm
Second Challenge
Hopefully we'll have some takers on this one...You have until next Saturday, November 22, 2003 to post a response.

Here's your first line (remember you can change names, pronouns, and tense. You can use narrative or dialogue):

The darkness closed in on him like a death cloak.

Have fun with this. Your response can be anything from a drabble to a multi chaptered story. Whatever works for you. Just...write something!

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Saturday, November 8th, 2003
2:55 pm
The Presence [R] Lindsey/Dru [Challenge #1]
Of course I already had an idea in mind when I offered the first challenge...and here it is ;)

Title: The Presence
Author: ceruleanoctober
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Lindsey, Drusilla
Summary: Dru knows just what Lindsey wants
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowed. Don't sue, just read. Enjoy.
Notes: Please Feedback!
Word Count: 325 words. May spawn a second part...Maybe

The PresenceCollapse )

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1:46 pm
First challenge! "He felt the presence..."
Welcome! Welcome! We are a small group. Only three of us. Hopefully we will grow over time.

At any rate, here is the first challenge. The following line can be used as dialogue or narration, and the tense can be changed to fit the piece you want to write, but try not to alter it too much...that would sort of defeat the whole point.

He felt the presence long before the creature made itself known to him

Have fun with this one. You've got a week to work on it. For now at least I'm going to run the challenges a week at a time, new challenges posted on Saturday.

**You can respond to the challenge as many times as you want to within the week.

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