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The Presence [R] Lindsey/Dru [Challenge #1]

Of course I already had an idea in mind when I offered the first challenge...and here it is ;)

Title: The Presence
Author: ceruleanoctober
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Lindsey, Drusilla
Summary: Dru knows just what Lindsey wants
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowed. Don't sue, just read. Enjoy.
Notes: Please Feedback!
Word Count: 325 words. May spawn a second part...Maybe

He sensed the presence long before the creature made itself known to him. He felt it the first night he left Los Angeles. Some part of him instantly and hopefully wondered if it was Angel checking up on him. Lindsey had tried to call him out on several occasions, but without success. If anything, his attempts to communicate only drove the vampire further into the shadows.

Lindsey never gave much thought to who -or what- might be stalking him, if not Angel, until he saw her standing at the foot of his bed one night just as he was fading into the blackness of sleep. Dressed in a flowing red gown, smiling down on him, looking very pleased with herself. He jerked himself out of the haze, sat up gasping, his mind struggling to understand.


Dru climbed onto the bed with all the grace of a panther, and crawled up the length of him, pinning him beneath his sheets. He lay perfectly still, his eyes huge and fixed on her.

She smiled, licked her ruby red lips in such a way to make his heart flutter. Until that moment, he wasn’t even sure he still had a heart at all.

“I’ve been watching you, Lindsey.” Her sweet voice filled his mind like smoke curling around his thoughts, graying them out. Leaving only consciousness of her. “I know who you are. I know what you want.”

He would have asked her how she could know those things when he didn’t even know them, but when he opened his mouth, there was no sound. Only silence.

She bent her head, nuzzled against his neck. A lover seeking comfort just being held. And then he felt her lips on his throat, her teeth. Two tiny pin pricks, and the desperate rage of his blood flowing up to her hungry mouth.

His body thrust against the sheets, her weight held him down until he surrendered in her arms.
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